Advanced Orders

The Limit/Stop, along with the Take Profit, and Stop Loss orders have been made possible with the integration of Pyth Network. Using Pyth, the speed of the order execution is significantly faster, and allows traders to obtain the best price.

Note: after the advanced order has been activated, there is no guarantee of its successful execution. There are multiple factors that might affect this, and below is the simple breakdown of such instances:

  • The oracle price did not reach the execution price;

  • The trigger has been reached but the price did not remain constant at the required level for successful execution. This also translates into “partial fills” which cannot be achieved on CyberDEX due to the entire model, and therefore, the advanced order will be filled entirely or dismissed.

  • No keeper bot have accepted the transaction (this may happen to multiple reasons, e.g. the fee reserved for the keepers was too low and due to the high volatility event, the gas prices rose, which led to the keeper fees increasing, and therefore keeper bots being unable to execute the order).

Limit/Stop orders

Upon creating the limit/stop order, the price feed will be compared in real-time with the price feed from Pyth Network (which would serve as the execution price).

Afterwards, once the price reaches the trigger level, the order will be automatically converted into the delayed off-chain order that will be executed by the keepers for a dynamic fee that will be covered by ETH deposit that you make in Cyber Wallet.

Take Profit/Stop Loss

The TP/SL can be assigned either to the existing open positions, or can be added as a property to the new market or limit order.

The fee for the TP/SL will include normal trading fees, along with the keeper fees which will be deducted during the trigger of the trade event.

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