Cyber Wallet

Introduction to Cyber Wallet

By default, at Synthetix, the margin is deposited to a specific market and thus cannot be used for other markets until the margin has either been withdrawn and added to another market, or another deposit is made to that second market. 

Cyber Wallet, - a smart contract that is created with a predefined set of rules, handles the balances of the user, routing the balances/margin through different markets, and manages ETH keeper fees.

Creating your Cyber Wallet

After connecting your wallet for the first time, you will see the box “Cyber Wallet” to the left of the Wallet address.

To create a Cyber Wallet, you will need to pay some gas for the contract creation from your connected wallet, and once you are set, you will be able to deposit ETH and sUSD to start trading.

To start trading, you will need to deposit at least 50 sUSD. Additionally, if you want to place the advanced order (limit, stop, TP/SL), you will need to deposit at least 0.01 ETH. That will cover approximately ~10 trades. Note, that ETH will be deducted once the order has been filled and executed by the keeper bot.

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