What is the core mission of CyberDEX?

CyberDEX has 2 core missions: For traders - to have the most liquid perps in crypto. For investors - to have the best Launchpad aka our ''Deal flow'' feature.

How do you offer near 0% slippage?

Our exchange has built on top of Synthetix Ecosystem, utilising the huge liquidity of Synthetix. We use a vAMM model for sourcing liquidity to traders. The combination of vAMM model powered by the huge liquidity of Synthetix liquidity pool gives as these astonishing results: 100,000$ BTC market position : 0% slippage 1,000.,00$ BTC market position : 0.01% slippage 10,000,000$ BTC market position 0.14 slippage Since day one CyberDEX is one of the most liquid Perpetual DEXes in crypto.

What is the CyberDEX "Deal Flow"?

CyberDEX Deal Flow feature is a Launchpad only for our token holders. With our Launchpad, retail users without an extensive network for pre-market deals will finally be able to have their own consistent Deal Flow, equalising the opportunities of VCs for normal traders.

We will be frequently bringing new and promising projects to fundraise on our platform.

Our Token Holders will be able to participate in those projects, securing their early allocations at low valuations.

CyberDEX Team will be carefully doing the prior research, analysis & due-diligence into the projects that will be brought to the platform. Coming soon after the Token Generation Event.

What is a vAMM?

vAMM stands for virtual automated market maker model. Instead of having traditional orderbooks and having market makers quoting prices in the orderbooks, smart contracts liquidity pools are the market makers automating liquidity sourcing.

This model achieves liquidity efficiency. Instant liqudiity sourcing. On any pair. At any time. Everytime.

Which assets can I deposit on CyberDEX as margin?

You can trade with Synthetix Dollar - sUSD.

Native USDC deposit/trading is coming in the next months!

What fees will users pay on CyberDEX?

  • 1-2 BPS limit (depending on skew)

  • 5-10 BPS market (depending on skew)

  • A dynamic fee for keeper bots for executing your order in a decentralised manner. The keeper bot fee for the execution of order in a decentralised way which ranges from 0,5$ to 10$ depending on market congestion.

How are my orders executed? What are Keeper Bots?

Keeper deposit fee: Any trade that you execute would involve the keeper deposit fee.

This dynamic fee depends on the gas price and is paid to the keepers to execute the trades on Synthetix liquidity pool.

Usually, this fee would amount to $0.5 up to $10 depending on the network congestion. Your orders are executed in a decentralised manner run by a network of keeper bots.

How many pairs will be live at launch?

10 perpetual pairs at launch


We are going to add at least 1 new pair per week.

Where can I buy the token?

There is currently NO TOKEN. Any reference to a CyberDEX token is a scam unless you hear it from official sources.

Where is the trading app live?


Where can I get sUSD?


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