Introduction to CyberDEX

CyberDEX is a decentralised perpetual swaps trading platform functioning on Optimism. The exchange is powered by Synthetix which - by its unique model - allows traders to tap into huge liquidity pools and carry out trades with minimum slippage and market impact.

This is done by leveraging Synthetix debt pool (a massive pool of liquidity) that ensures execution in size at the closest price level to the order with minimal impact to the markets traded. This model is sustained by the liquid and immutable stablecoin, sUSD, which is quoted against the tradable synthetic assets with their prices matching the underlying assets using decentralised data oracles such as “Chainlink” and “Pyth”.

CyberDEX Benefits

  • High speed execution: 2-3s transaction speed enabled by Optimism L2

  • Fully self-custodial. You own your funds

  • Fully on-chain: you can track every trade you make on the blockchain

  • Low fees: 0.01-0.02% Maker, 0.05-0.1% Taker, depending on skew - CyberDEX does not charge any additional fees

  • Low slippage and market impact regardless of the size

  • Up to 50x leverage

  • Cutting-edge, tailored UI/UX, responsive app performance

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