On CyberDEX, all orders are by default processed as delayed off-chain orders. They function almost the same as the market orders, but incorporate a slight time delay. This approach yields the following benefits:

  • The elimination of frontrunning risk

  • Execution and fees are reduced

The time delay depends on the available market. In general, for ETHPERP & BTCPERP markets, the orders are executed after 1 second delay. The rest of the available markets are executed after a 2 second delay (e.g. SOL, OP, etc).

That being said, while the model is similar to the “next price” order but with time delay, instead of executing the order by following the Chainlink price update, the system will allow the trader or a keeper to fill the order after the required amount of time has elapsed.

In the event that the order fails to execute within the set parameters, and within the given time frame, it will go stale. Once this occurs, traders will be able to cancel their order and place another. Only one delayed order is allowed per market.

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