Getting started

CyberDEX functions on Optimism and therefore, to begin trading - you need a web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Zerion, Rainbow) and to set up the optimism network. This can be done automatically by clicking on “Connect Wallet” and adding Optimism network to your browser/mobile wallet. Majority of the modern wallets have already added the Optimism RPC, therefore in most of the cases, no additional steps are necessary.

If it’s not possible to add it manually, please check with your wallet support if there’s an option to add Optimism. Alternatively, the address can be migrated (via the private key or seed phrase to another wallet provider).

You will need some ETH bridged on Optimism for gas fees. This can be done via the Optimism Gateway: the official bridge made by the Optimism Network.

After you are set with ETH on Optimism, you can either bridge the stablecoins through the same bridge (and subsequently swap them on 1Inch) or you can swap some of ETH you have bridged on 1Inch if you have enough to start trading. 

Note: minimum limit is 50 sUSD to open a trade

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